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My name is Grant Ian. Welcome to my site. Mole catcher Kent

I offer mole catching services in Kent and South East London. I cover domestic, commercial and public spaces and work on a ‘pay-per-mole’ basis – no mole, no fee!

Please feel free to get in touch should you have a problem with mole disruption or any questions about my services.

I have been trapping moles for 10 years and have developed a keen understanding of both the
mole and its environment.

Kent mole catcherMy service is:

* professional

* humane

* efficient

* friendly


For domestic cases I cover most areas of North Kent and certain areas within South East London.

If your issue is on a large-scale or you believe that more than one mole is at work on your land, I can provide a contract service including regular site visits and emergency call outs. For such cases I can cover most (if not all) of the county of Kent.

Mole catcher Kent 

I use the most up-to-date R3 barrel traps to ensure that each mole is dispatched in the most humane way possible.

I am accredited by The Guild of British Mole Catchers and have recently been certified ‘Advanced Level 3 Grade’ (previously denoted ‘Gold’). According to the Guild:

“A molecatcher with level 3 accreditation from the Guild of British Molecatchers has a proven deep understanding of the mole and the environment in which it thrives. This knowledge will be brought to bear when addressing your mole control problem”.

I also adhere to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 as I believe this safeguards the humane treatment of any animal and insures against bad practice on the part of the catcher.

So, if you have a problem with moles in the Kent or South East London area, please get in touch to see what I can do for you.

Thanks for visiting…Mole catcher Kent